Dispatcher C7-10

28 februari 2024 | C7 Application Consultancy


Receives, registers, classifies, solves or dispatches and guards service requests from
customers, within the agreed Service Level Agreement, in order to solve the service
requests as soon as possible.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Intake
    Receives and registers on time all incoming service requests in the information system,
    according to the standardized procedures and the applicable Service Level Agreements
    (SLA), in order to provide complete and correct information to the customer and for the
    benefit of the further service processes.

    Main activities
  • Responds to the customer within the agreed reaction time (SLA);
  • Asks specific questions to obtain the needed service request information and registers in the information system;
  • Determines the classification of the service request;
  • Determines the priority based on the urgency and impact;
  • Checks whether the service requests are included in the contract or not;
  • Reports service request number to the customer.
  1. Call Handling
    Handles service requests or standard work online by phone and or remote, within the
    agreed reaction times and in dialog with the customer, in order for the reported service
    requests to be solved as soon as possible by phone or remote.

    Main activities
  • Monitors the service request during the total life cycle of the service request;
  • Deepens analysis of the service request by specific questioning;
  • Offers solutions, either definitive or a temporary workaround;
  • Verifies whether the proposed solutions are effective in dialog with the customer;
  • Registers and keeps up service request information in the information system;
  • Analyses, recognizes and appoints problem situations in the existing situation.
  1. Dispatching
    Timely dispatches and guards the appropriate service requests in order to initiate the
    correct service action by the designated Application Consultant.

    Main activities
  • Informs the customer that a service action is dispatched;
  • Registers and keeps up service request information in the information system;
  • Verifies timely handling by Application Consultant;
  • Supplies the customer with status information periodically.
  1. Knowledge
    Keeps up with the relevant knowledge in order for the above mentioned result areas to be
    performed accordingly.

    Main activities
  • Has knowledge of customers;
  • Has knowledge of the service contracts;
  • Has technical knowledge.
  1. Sales
    Proactively signals potential company-business in order to obtain extra income and increase
    customer satisfaction.

    Main activities
  • Assists in presales cases;
  • Informs account management on possible extra work.
  1. Planning & Administration
    Ensures timely and correct planning and administration, within the company standards and
    agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to ensure a professional

    Main activities
    •    Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets;
    •    Ensures delivery within time, within budget and agreed quality;
    •    Monitors progress of own tasks;
    •    Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.

Job Requirements


  • Vocational level (MBO) with affinity in IT.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Some experience in IT with some programming experience preferably in a service desk environment.


A.6 Progress tracking
C.1 Problem analyses
C.2 Judgment forming
C.5 Organization sensitivity
C.8 Organizing own work
D.1 Verbal communication
E.1 Adaptability
E.2 Stress resistant