(Regional) Commercial Manager A1-40

28 februari 2024 | A1 Outside Sales


Actively develops and directs the sales force to achieve objectives and goals for the company
products, services and solutions, to meet the company turnover/profit goals within the company standards

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Vision and Strategy
Builds an innovative and business driven sales vision and strategy from a strategic
customer understanding in order to convince customer and sales team of the future
direction of the company business and market

Main activities

  • Well recognized established sales authority
  • Spreads knowledge of best practices throughout team and company
  • Deep understanding of the company core values, positioning and core competences
  • Provides input to key decision makers on impacts for future direction
  • Signals marketing trends
  • Able to explain the reason for TE defined tools, methods and processes

2. Customer Network
Develops a long term relationship with the most important customers in order to help the
Commercial Executives to increase their sales as a result of an optimal customer intimacy

Main activities

  • At CEO/CIO level in large companies
  • Deep understanding of the domain and of customer priorities
  • Secures a One company approach to Commercial Executives and customer(s).
  • Gives convincing presentations for larger audiences

3. Marketing
Pro actively assembles all relevant market information of all service portfolios and of
possible new markets for the companyand consults MT and Director/VP, in order to assist in
future growth of the company.

Main activities

  • Defines marketing plans and projects to ensure sale to reach their goals
  • Defines portfolio inclusive of pricing
  • Maintains and enhances partnerships

4. Plans
Sets of the yearly sales plan, objectives and strategies, agreed with the commercial
executives as input to the yearly company budget

Main activities

  • Determines the service portfolios for the Commercial Executives
  • Leads them to produce their yearly plans
  • Maintains and enhances organization for marketing, sales and tendering

5. Tenders and orderintake
Leads the order intake process and tracks sales performance against objectives in order
to meet turnover and profit goals.

Main activities

  • Consults weekly with Commercial Executives
  • Checks on progress and informing management of results
  • Leads the largest and most complex tenders to assist
  • Defends terms and conditions

6. Transfer of knowledge
Develops the qualities of the commercial executives, within the company standards, in order to
assist them in their growth

Main activities

  • Coaches on the job
  • Transfers knowledge
  • Contributes with creative ideas on improving team morale
  • Prioritizes strategic versus on-going commitments
  • Mentors other team members


Yearly Turnover up to € 1 million

Job Requirements


  • Msc/BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Over 8 years experience with a high degree of complexity of the sales process and offerings

A.1 Managing
A.2 Team management
A.3 Coaching
A.4 Delegating
A.7 Strategical thinking
A.8 Conflict handling
B.4 Taking risks
C.3 Decisiveness
C.4 Vision
D.5 Empathy