Channel Manager A1-22

28 februari 2024 | A1 Outside Sales


Leads the transfer of the complete proposition of Bright Answers,  individually or through a team, towards selected 
partners for complex projects, to ensure an optimal understanding by these partners of the value proposition of the company 

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Customer Network

Develops a short and long term positive relationship with selected partners, agreed with the Salesmanager.

Main activities

  • At BUM/CIO level.
  • Defines DMU correctly
  • Knows the needs and preferences of partners and  customers of partners
  • Secures a one company approach to the partner(s)
  • Stimulates cooperation between partners and the company

2. Knowledge Transfer

Transfers the complete proposition of Bright Answers, individually or through a team,  towards selected partners for complex projects. 

Main activities

  • Knows the needs and preferences of partners and  customers of partners
  • Gives convincing presentations
  • Ensures knowledge of the value proposition by the selected parnters

2. Actively supports the all the common process betweenrtners and company.

Main activities

  • manages partner relationship 
  • Responsible for tracking Partner information, forecasts and reports
  • Develops and maintains the complete value proposition

3. Yearly Plan

Drafts and implements a yearly Plan for……….., agreed with the commercial manager in order to …………

Main activities

  • Determines market and SWAT
  • Selects customers and market and/or product range
  • Defines budget
  • Defines action plans

4. Knowledge
Pro actively learns and trains on offerings, markets and their combinations


Yearly Turnover up to € xyz

Job Requirements


BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

2-5 years experience with increasing complexity of the sales process and offerings


B.5 Initiative
C.6 Social, Political and economic awareness
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.3 Written Communication
D.4 Listening
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.7 Negotiating
E.2 Stress resistant