Sr Quality Assurance Officer S5-30

28 februari 2024 | S5 Quality Assurance


To establish, maintain and improve the quality system within the Company, such that the quality system provides effective support to achieve the objectives of the Company and meets the required standards.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. 1 Quality Management

The co-creation and updating of the Managament Handbook by the preparation, modification and co-implementation of procedures and work instructions, providing the system or the process to be adapted to the standard and/or the current organizational situation.

Main activities:

  • Creating and modifying procedures and work instructions and supporting the business managers in the implementation;
  • Verification of the established procedures and work instructions with practice (internal audit);
  • Document in accordance with the standard requirements;
  • Keep current knowledge up-todate regarding the quality standards.

2. Corrective and preventive actions, management reports
Initiating and communicating corrective and preventive actions, which are formulated on the basis of quality information obtained from various quality measurements and / or on the basis of received problem-and-correct messages.

Main activities

  • Independently handles  problem / improvement report forms and defines appropriate measures;
  • Handling customer complaints and monitor their progress.

3. Improvements of the operational process

Independently suggests improvements or changes to operational processes, based on knowledge and understanding of the business processes in order to improve quality and/or the effectiveness of the process concerned.

Main activities

  • Analyzing processes concerning efficiency and error risks
  • Consultation process with responsible managers and employees
  • Developing proposals for improvement.
  • Evaluation of improvements made.

4. External audits
Coordinating external audits by customers, certification bodies or suppliers, based on the wishes of the external auditor, in order to enable them to verify the operation of the quality system and to validate the standard of the quality system.

Main activities

  • Creating and scheduling internal and external meetings.
  • Supervising the external auditor during the visit.
  • Processing of audit results.

5. Coordination of Quality Management Review Board
In consultation with the Executive Board and in accordance with the procedures setting the agenda of the Quality Management Review Board and coordinate them in order to enable the Executive Board to assess the operation of the quality management system.

Main activities

  • Plans meeting.
  • Setting the agenda In consultation with management.
  • analysis quality registration/records.
  • Participation in the meeting.
  • Responsible for creating of the report.
  • Establish action list and quality targets.
  • Coordination and verification of actions and goals established. 

6    Drafting quality plans

At the request of customers, management or on its own initiative, preparation of quality plans, in order to get existing procedures and work instructions in line with specific contract or project demands

Main activities:

  • Develop Internal audits/execute;
  • Inventory of contract / project-specific activities;
  • A description of those activities with responsibilities and authorities and where necessary appropriate procedures and / or work instructions;
  • Ensuring that contract / project specific quality records required by the client are kept and available.


Job Requirements


BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills


A-5 Planning and organizing

A-6 Monitoring

B-5 Initiative

C-5 Organizational sensitivity

D-6 persuasion

E-3 Independence

E-4 Tenacity