Manager Contract Office S3-40

28 februari 2024 | S3 Contract Management


Heads the  Contract Office, which maintains Services, Support and Maintenance Contracts with customers and partners in order to retain the maximum number of customers, to standardize on contract conditions and to exploit contracts to the full potential.

 Tasks and Responsibilities

Leads and manages contract office, is responsible for yearly maintenance revenue

1. Contract administration  
Main activities

  • Ensures the availability of an up-to-date inventory of all contracts that contain Services, Support and/or Maintenance components , their characteristics and their expiry dates.
  • Ensures that Maintenance contract policies, processes and systems are consistently implemented and used.
  • Proactively advises on contracts that are subject to re-negotiation
  • Timely alerts and acts on contract expiry dates
  • Works closely together with account managers for contract renewals

2. People management of direct reports
Main activities

  • Contribution to selection process of resources;
  • Performance review meetings, bonus plans;
  • Coaching, stimulating development of individuals.

3. Improve departmenet and service quality
Main activities

  • Maintain KPI reporting every month
  • Propose improvement of service and operational processes (improvement plan) to COO
  • Implement approved improvement plans

4. Transfer of knowledge
Takes initiative in the development of qualities of team members.
Main activities

  • Follows future business trends and needs;
  • Assists juniors with complex activities.


Job Requirements


MSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • More than 7 years contract admin experience
  • Experienced in project management,
  • Must have experience with people management
  • Commercial mindset


A.5 Planning and organizing
B.3 Networking
C.1 Problem analyses
C.8 Organizing own work
D.3 Written communication
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.7 Negotiating
E.2 Stress resistant