Assistant Support Engineer S1-10

28 februari 2024 | S1 Technical Support


Supports, under supervision of senior, partners and customers in the deployment, maintenance and usage of our solutions.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Junior Support Engineer is responsible for registering, reproducing and solving problems related to the company’s product suite and answering simple queries about its functionality and usage. Support consists of incident analysis, reproduction of the problem in a standard environment or copy of the customer environment and providing, in accordance with senior, timely solution to the problem. Based on the analysis the customer is provided with either a solution, advice on configuration settings or fine tuning.

1.   Service oriented; with high problem solving skills

Main activities

  • Is analytic, driven and committed to find the answer to any support question
  • Works well in a team, shares knowledge and resolves problems
  • Customer services and communication skills
  • Is eager to build up and maintain strong knowledge of our products

2.   Has a strong customer focus and is well aware of the importance of the support role for our customers, partners and company itself.

Main activities

  • Register, reproduce and solve problems or (software) incidents.
  • Analyze the supplied information to provide a clear picture of the problem, error or bug involved.
  • Determine the probable cause of the bug, error or behavior.
  • Set up test surroundings to reproduce the problem.
  • Give feedback to the client.
  • Work closely together with (senior) colleagues and affected departments (engineering, R&D).
  • Maintain FAQ documentation and Knowledge Base documents for customers

3.   Planning & Administration
Ensures timely and correct planning and administration, within the company standards and
agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to ensure a professional

Main activities

  • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets;
  • Monitors progress of own tasks;
  • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.

4.  Transfer of knowledge
Shares knowledge

Main activities

  • Follows future technical trends and needs;


  • x% of hours are productive or payable (to be defined in the yearly job plan)
  • Independently scores order-intake up to 50k euro yearly

 Job Requirements


  • BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • 1 year in similar customer support function