Marketing Professional M2-20

28 februari 2024 | M2 Marketing Professionals


The Medior Marketing Professional  will develop the (regional) marketing plan for the assigned regions and industries, under supervision of the VP of Marketing and the responsible sales manager(s).

Tasks and Responsibilities

Initiate, develop and execute all marketing activities (on and offline) according to plan. Use a marketing mix of several push and pull instruments, such as direct mailings, portals and landing pages, newsletters, banners/add’s, (sponsored) events, telemarketing, etc, which you can use to realize the defined lead generation and brand awareness objectives.

1.  Develop, manage and execute the regional marketing and marketing activity plans for your regions

Main activities

  • Develop yearly marketing plan

2.  Manage prospects in all marketing opportunity stages, actively working towards setting up first meetings for sales

Main activities

  • Manage the development and maintenance of the CRM database with customer and prospect contact and account data for the assigned regions
  • Adopt and localize corporate marketing campaigns to local regions and initiate regional marketing campaigns based on regional compelling events/local opportunities, to realize the required Qualified Information requests
  • Manage regional inside sales/telemarketing activities; create appropriate scripts and telemarketing campaigns related to the marketing objectives and cultural requirements of the countries you are assigned to in order to set up first appointments (Qualified Leads) for sales at the right moment in the sales cycle..

3. On request manage, execute and implement corporate marketing projects that improve the marketing department in terms of working cheaper, better or faster.

4. Creating/organize, manage and monitor campaigns and events, resulting in/based on prospect behaviour:

Main activities

  • Enquiries/responses from prospects/customers,
  • Prospects that opened emails/click trough’s
  • Website behaviour/visits

5.  Analyse, monitor and report on:

Main activities

  1. Accurate forecasting of the marketing opportunities and Marketing KPI’s
  2. Marketing campaigns
  3. Marketing budget
  4. Data quality improvements

5. (Transfer of) knowledge
Takes initiative in the development of qualities of own and of junior colleagues.
Main activities

  • Attends training to keep marketing knowledge and skills up to date
  • Follows future business trends and needs;
  • Assists juniors with complex activities.


Job Requirements


BSc level. Nima marketing B

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Has about 2-3 years of marketing experience in a B2B (preferably IT or financial) environment
  • Preferred: B2B software marketing or sales experience


CompentencyCompetency Description
Analytical CapacityDraws distinctions between essentials and side issues and penetrates to the core of the problem. Ability to predict possible consequences of envisaged steps.
Persuasion and InfluenceAbility to persuade others to modify their thoughts, plans, convictions, standpoints, outlooks or behavior in the desired direction, to win them over to his own standpoint, idea or plan.
Result orientationAbility to direct himself and/or others towards goals, whether explicitly formulated or otherwise, with a view to efficiency and effectiveness.
Strategic and conceptual thinkingAbility to develop a clear vision for achieving goals and fulfilling needs over the medium  to long term in his own professional area of responsibility.
InitiativeStrongly oriented towards conducting business, towards initiating action of his own accord and not waiting (for others) any longer than is necessary.