Assistant Marketing Professional M2-10

28 februari 2024 | M2 Marketing Professionals


The junior Marketing Professional is, under supervision of the manager, responsible for lead nurturing and will assist the medior/senior Marketing Professional in developing the (regional) marketing plan for the assigned regions and industries.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Initiate, develop and execute all marketing activities (on and offline) according to plan.

1.  Assist in the preparation and execution of the regional marketing and marketing activity plans

Main activities

  • The adoption and localization of corporate marketing campaigns to local regions
  • Regional marketing activities (mailings, press releases, events, sponsorships)to contribute to the required Qualified Information requests and Qualified Leads
  • Partner marketing activities

2.  Provide support to the VP of Marketing and the Marketing team as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the department.

Main activities

  • provide support for departmental projects and assist in meeting deadlines; updating documents and webpages, check and explain corporate style policies, organizing and coordinating department group meetings and conferences
  • Assist in ad hoc projects and support the VP of Marketing and the marketing team with their projects when requested. 

3. (Keeps knowledge up-to-date
Main activities

  • Attends training to develop marketing knowledge and skills.


Job Requirements


BSc of communication or marketing. Nima marketing or Communication A & B

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Has about 1-2 years of marketing experience in a B2B (preferably IT) environment
  • Preferred: B2B software marketing or sales experience


CompentencyCompetency Description
CommunicationAbility to communicate effectively, taking into account the comprehension level of parties to whom the communication is addressed.
CreativityComes up with original solutions for problems connected with the work. Think up new methods of work to replace existing methods, subjects what is supposed to be self-evident to discussion and opposes traditional tendencies.
InitiativeStrongly oriented towards conducting business, towards initiating action of his own accord and not waiting (for others) any longer than is necessary.
Planning and organizingAbility to effectively determine goals, priorities and time required, indicates courses of action and resources needed to achieve particular goals.
Result orientationAbility to direct himself and/or others towards goals, whether explicitly formulated or otherwise, with a view to efficiency and effectiveness.