Marketing Manager M1-40

28 februari 2024 | M1 Product Marketing


Prepares, implements and manages a strategic marketing plan and develops new solutions for existing and new customers, approved by the Managing Director to ultimately position the company professionally as one of the leaders in the market segment.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Vision and Strategy
    Builds an innovative a business driven marketing vision and strategy from a strategic
    customer understanding in order to convince company and customer of the future
    direction of the company market

    Main activities
  • Initiates the strategic Marketing discussion within the company;
  • Spreads knowledge of best practices throughout marketing team and company;
  • Provides input to key decision makers on impacts for future direction;
  • Signals market trends;
  1. Plans and implements a strategic and operational marketing & communication plan

    Main activities
  • Market analysis;
  • Selecting new markets;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Product portfolio analysis;
  • Onboarding new partners/solutions
  1. Business Development:
    Transforms the Marketing communications plan into workable operational business development activities keeping the internal organisation focussed to the market(ing plan).  
  1. Plans and leads exhibitions, seminars, direct mail and telemarketing.
  1. Transfer of knowledge
    Develops the qualities of the marketing and business development staff, within the company standards, in order to assist them in their growth.

    Main activities
  • Coaches on the job;
  • Transfers knowledge;
  • Contributes with creative ideas on improving team morale;
  • Prioritizes strategic versus on-going commitments;
  • Mentors team members.


Yearly Turnover of company up to € 25 million (

Up to 2?direct reports.

Reports to Managing Director

Job Requirements


  • Well established Marketing and Business Development authority;
  • Msc/BSc level.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Over 8 years of experience with a high degree of complexity of the marketing and/or business development process in a similar business.Excellent understanding of use and benefits of social media.


A.2 Team management

A.4 Delegating

A.7 Strategical thinking

B.1 Entrepreneurship

B.5 Taking initiative

D.6 Persuasiveness