HR Manager G4-40

28 februari 2024 | G4 HRM

G4-40 HR Manager



Develops and implements the HR-policies and -tools, approved by the Managing Director (and within HQ policies), and leads management and staff to perform their HR-related activities effectively. 

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Vision and Policies

Develops HR policies and tools and supports MT and Managing Director.

Main activities

  • Develops an HR vision for the company
  • Collects and analyses the HR developments an legislation.
  • Initiates internal HR policies
  • Contributes to and participates in the Employees Council meetings.
  • MT member

2. Development and implementation of the HR policies and tools.

Supports management with the implementation and carrying out of the HR policy, in order
to secure that the operational HR policy is carried out adequately.

Main activities

  • Develops tools as competence matrix, salary house, job descriptions, performance management appraisals, career planning, personnel file management, car allowances and job experience surveys.
  • Sees to that laws and legislation is carried out correctly (among which Health&Safety and labour laws) and the (internal) procedures;
  • Supports management with regards to aspects of education, career planning and personnel issues;
  • Manages, initiates, maintains and guards procedures, guidelines, actions and files with regards to the disability laws (“Wet Poortwachter”).
  • Consults management with regards to letting off personnel including the arrangements and (legal) consequences.

3. Planning and budget

Defines the annual HR plan and takes care of the implementation in the organization,
together with the Finance Director resulting in a unified personnel plan.

Main activities

  • Prepares and attunes the personnel plan and activities with management;
  • Registers and organizes the budgets with regards to the entering and leaving of employees.

4. Terms of employment

Contributes in the development of the terms of employment taking into account legislation
to come to a point where responsible terms of employment are reached.

Main activities

  • Supports and consults in the area of the yearly remuneration and performance process;
  • Keeps track of the developments in the area of remunerations in the IT sector;
  • Consults managers about the consequences and/or implications;
  • Prepares policy notes in order to support the Finance Director;
  • Attunes and guards the agreed on remuneration policy is thus used that a consistent application is promoted.

5. Recruitment

Coordinates the recruitment activities so that the business targets can be met.

Main activities

  • Is informed of all recruitment authorities;
  • Selects third parties.

6. Communication

Investigates and determines the need for information of the employees and communicates the personnel information adequately

Main activities

  • Developing HR management reportson behalf of the management team;
  • Take care of the writing and distribution of periodic and ad hoc reports as well as the supervision of the report process.
  • Providing HR updates by email, in newsletters and presentations.


  • HR end responsible for approximately 60 fte;
  • Direct responsibility for 1 HR consultant.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor Human Resource Management or similar.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • A minimum of 4 years of experience as an HR Consultant;
  • Knowledge in the area of behavior science (organization psychology and sociology);
  • Knowledge and skills with regards to organizational changes and HR fields (education, career planning, performance management, rewards etc.);

Knowledge of laws and legislation (Health and Safety, labor law).


A.4 Delegating
C.3 Decisiveness
C.4 Vision
D.2 Verbal Presentation
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.8 Impact
E.3 Autonomy