HR Consultant G4-20

28 februari 2024 | G4 HRM



Carries out consulting and operational tasks within the framework of the HR policy with a
structural HR vision in order for the managers and employees to carry out their HR
related activities more efficiently.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Policy contributions
    Develops, formulates and realizes, together with the senior HR Consultant instruments in several HR areas in order to contribute to the making of the HR policy.

    Main activities
  • Participates in the team meeting;
  • Makes a policy contribution to the development and the application of the (financial) terms of employment for all employees.
  1. Personnel information
    Takes care of efficient personnel information attuned with the personnel plan and budget
    in order to foresee the line management in their need for index numbers in time.

    Main activities
  • Indicates which information is necessary to function well and makes sure that the wanted information comes available;
  • Takes care of the data from the before mentioned systems in favor of the periodic reports.
  1. Implementation and enforcement of the HR Policy
    Supports management with the implementation and enforcement of the HR policy within
    the agreed framework in order for the adequate implementation of the HR policy to be

    Main activities
  • Takes care of the correct enforcement of the laws and regulations (among which the Health and Safety procedures) and internal procedures.
  • Supports management with regards to aspects of education, career planning and the Performance and Competence Management Process;
  • Discusses and makes sure that the agreed on terms of employment policy is in such a way carried out in order to promote it being put into practice consistently.
  • (Partially) guides the enter-, maintain and exit process of employees by (jointly) carrying out the workforce planning according to the management development plan and the personal development plan;
  • Takes action in guiding groups or individuals either collective or individually;
  • Supports management with regard to personal issues.
  1. Recruitment
    Recruits new employees according to management requests in order to achieve the
    correct vacancy management.

    Main activities
    •    Takes (jointly) care of recruitment, hiring and introduction of employees.


In a part of the organization where are approximately 100 people employed.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor Human Resource Management

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Relevant experience of three years in the above mentioned areas.
  • Knowledge and skills in the area of behaviour science (organisation psychology and sociology).
  • Knowledge and skills with regards to organisational changes and HR fields (education, career planning, performance management, rewards etc.).
  • Knowledge of laws and legislation (Health and Safety, labor law).
  • Business acumen.


B.5 Initiative
C.1 Problem analyses
C.2 Judgment forming
C.5 Organization sensitivity
C.6 Social, political and economical awareness
D.3 Written communication
E.1 Adaptability
E.2 Stress resistant
E.5 Flexibility