Manager Finance G3-50

28 februari 2024 | G3 Financial



Is responsible for and in charge of the implementation of the financial policy for the company in the Netherlands, within the policy guidelines provided by company HQ, in
order to realize effective support for all the companies.

Tasks and responsibilities

  1. Finance
    Initiates and supports the financial policy and implements this within the applicable legal
    conditions and the conditions provided by the company HQ, in order to realize an effective
    financial organization and administration.

    Main activities
  • Collects, analyses and checks relevant data;
  • Member of several department discussion groups within the company;
  • Initiates measures in the area of financial risk management and sets up authorisation rules;
  • Is in charge of making the financial planning, budgeting and forecasting;
  • Analyses the financial results and supervises;
  • Takes care of the corporation tax statement;
  • Manages the insurances portfolio;
  • Maintains contacts with banks, insurance companies, tax office and accountants.
  1. Administrative organisation
    Sets up, equips and maintains the administrative organisation and the related procedures
    within the financial policy of company HQ in order to manage an effective and transparent
    financial administration.

    Main activities
  • Sets up and equip the administrative organisation;
  • Monitors the operation and the results of the administrative organisation.
  1. Treasury
    Monitors and manages all recievings and expenses of all company companies and

    Main activities
  • Manages the financial means of the subsidiaries;
  • Advises the VP and Directors on the financial position;
  • Allocates financial means to the subsidiaries.
  1. Analysing and reporting
    Is responsible for the analyses of the internal and external financial reports towards the company
    in order to provide correct financial management information on time.

    Main activities
  • Internal
  • Management reports, HQ reports, quarterly rates, annual account, consolidation;
  • Judges financial results;
  • Sets up controller reports;
  • Takes care of ad hoc reports and analyses;
  • Maintains contacts, internal as well as internal financial organisations.
  • External
  • Takes care of quarterly and annual rates as well as the annual account in the yearly financial report;
  • Sets up financial press releases.
  1. Management
    Manages the holding administration of the company in such a way that it meets the qualitative
    and quantitative requirements with regards to the implementation of the financial policy.

    Main activities
  • Gives guidelines and instructions;
  • Evaluates the employees


In this organization there are about 130 employees employed
Turnover up to 10 million Euros

Job requirements


  • Bachelor level (HBO or similar)

Experience, knowlegde and skills

  • A minimum of five years experience as a division controller or similar;
  • Knowledge of a multitude of regulations (among which pension and fiscal regulations etc.) and there appliance in several areas;
  • Knowledge of the automated systems in the financial area;
  • Knowledge of the organisation and the concern;
  • Wide knowlegde of the company specific financial terms.


A.1 Managing
A.2 Team management
A.3 Coaching
A.8 Conflict handling
C.4 Vision
C.6 Social, Political and economic awareness
D.4 Listening
D.7 Negotiating
D.8 Impact
D.9 Sociability
E.1 Adaptability
E.5 Flexibility