Jr Financial Administrator G3-10

28 februari 2024 | G3 Financial



Takes care of the correct input and archiving of bookings in several administrations, in
order for them to be available on time and complete for further processing and

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Recieving bookings
    Processes and checks bookings according to agreed on procedures, in order for the
    designated pieces to be entered in the file.

    Main activities
  • Recognises and reports discrepancies;
  • Handles bookings according to procedure.
  1. Bookings
    Enters bookings in the files according to predefined procedures and guidelines, in order to
    process them further.

    Main activities
  • Books invoices and other documents;
  • Authorizes invoices.
  1. Archiving
    Files bookings in the archiving system in order for them to be correctly available at all
  2. Monthly closure
    Performs some tasks when asked for the department, in order for the needed pieces to be
    available for the monthly closure on time.
  3. Payments
    Prepares payments according pre defined procedures in order for these to take place at
    the appropriate time.

    Main activities
  • Guards the due date;
  • Sets out payments;
  • Transmits – after authorization – to banks.

Job requirements


  • Vocational level or through experience acquired level.

Experience, knowlegde and skills

  • Experience with computer programs with regards to entering financial data.


C.5 Organization sensitivity
C.8 Organizing own work
C.10 Eye for detail
D.3 Written communication