Financial Controller G3-40

28 februari 2024 | G3 Financial

G3-40 Financial Controller


Is responsible for the quality and in charge of the execution of the financial administration in order for the correct and complete information to be available for the department.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Financial administration
    Is responsible for and in charge of gathering information, checking and registering
    bookings for the financial department, in order for the correct and complete information to be available on time.

    Main activities
  • Takes care of the BTW return and/or;
  • Does the tax return and/or;
  • Does the monthly closure and/or;
  • Guards the process of the financial administration and/or;
  • Project administration and/or;
  • Guards that the correct payments are done with regard to pension contributions and health insurance contributions.
  1. Internal reports and analysis
    Takes care of and analyses internal financial reports in order to provide the Manager
    Finance and Administration with the correct financial management information.

    Main activities
  • Makes reports and when needed clarifies parts of the reports and analyses;
  • Reviews financial results.
  1. Administrative organization and internal checks
    Is responsible for and in charge of the preparatory and/or the carrying out of the work
    according to the pre-defined organizational administrative procedures in order to secure an effective and transparent financial administration.

    Main activities
  • Develops administrative procedures when necessary;
  • Audits the workings of the administrative organization;
  • Audits the results of the financial administration;
  • Signals inconsistencies and gives suggestions for improvements.
  1. Business planning
    Supports the Manager Finance and Administration with setting up a business planning
    and budget in order to contribute to the forming of the financial policy.

    5. Transfer of knowledge
    Monitors and coaches the financial administrator staff according with the manager Finance agreed on guidelines, in order to improve the quality of the employees and the procedures.

    Main activities
  • Transfers knowledge;
  • Assists with complex activities;
  • Monitors activities of the administrative employees.

Job requirements


  • Master level or acquired through experience.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Five years of experience in a financial department;
  • Experience with computer programs with regards to entering financial data.


A.4 Delegating
A.5 Planning and organizing
A.6 Progress tracking
C.3 Decisiveness
C.9 Conceptual thinking
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.6 Persuasiveness
E.2 Stress resistant
E.3 Autonomy
E.4 Perseverance