Financial Administrator G3-20/30

28 februari 2024 | G3 Financial



Takes care of the correct processing of the (sr: total) order administration according to the pre
defined (sr: jointly determined) procedures and guidelines in order for these to be available on time and complete for further handling.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Processing and audit
    Processes and checks the (sr: total) bookings according to the pre defined (sr: jointly determined) procedures and guidelines for further handling.Main activities

    Takes care of parts of the General Ledger or (sr: and);
    Order administration or (sr: and);
    Invoices or (sr: and);
    Processes the total bookings (sr);
    Responsible for (sr: total) the purchase and sales orders
  2. Guarding incoming money flows
    Reminds and keeps in contact (SR: responsible for the total) with customers in relation to open invoices and the
    applicable payment dates, in order to get a good control on the outstanding balance and
    to prevent unsalable loans.

    Main activities

    Judges and processes letters of reminders according to the pre defined procedures.
  3. Monthly ClosureProvides financial data monthly on subarea for the benefit of the monthly closure, in order
    for it to coincide with the relevant general ledger accounts.
  4. Networking

    Maintains contacts with the (sr: larger) suppliers and the customers (internal as well as external) in
    order to improve a correct understanding.

Job Requirements


  • Vocational level or acquired through experience.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Three years experience in a financial department;
  • Experience with the larger financial software.  


B.5 Initiative
C.1 Problem analyses
C.2 Judgment forming
D.1 Verbal communication