Sr Office Manager G2-30

28 februari 2024 | G2 Business Support



Independently leads and takes care of adequate office support, in accordance with the
requests from (senior) management, in order for them to focus more effectively on their
primary tasks and the other tasks to be coordinated adequately.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Planning
    Plans internal and external appointments for senior management in the calendar, in order
    for the meetings, interviews and visits to take place on time and in the right place.

    Main activities
  • Keeps up and supervises the calendar;
  • Makes reservations for internal and external meeting rooms, including the necessary facilities and the financial completion thereof;
  • Plans meetings with internal and external, national and international parties on request;
  • Prepares meetings as regards content, by means of collecting, sorting and work out the relevant information.
  1. Coordination
    Independently arranges and coordinates several activities, according to agreements, in
    support of the general and specific tasks of the department or department management.

    Main activities
  • Coordinates the Office support activities;
  • Coaches and coordinates (junior) office managers and office assistants;
  • Takes care of the correct reception and attending of guests.
  1. Administration
    Manages and archives information from several sources from managers, in accordance
    with the received requests, in order for the right information to be available at any time.
    Main activities
  • Sets up of a system for archiving;
  • Maintains one or more correspondence archives;
  • Maintains several archives of managers.
  1. Tenders
    Writes out written quotations, in accordance with the drafts received from the company, in
    order for the quotations to be sent to the customer on time and to the satisfaction of the
    quotation responsible persons.

    Main activities
  • Lays out consistent documents bases on the received data;
  • Makes sure that the necessary checks and authorizations take place.
  • After the quotations have been checked and authorized sending them on time.
  1. Communication
    Independently communicates messages and telephone calls to internal and external
    senior management, in accordance with given instructions, in order for the information to
    be managed in an appropriate manner.

    Main activities
  • Receives calls and messages and by own judgment:
  • Judges relevance and urgency;
  • Puts through or take action independently;
  • Or redirects to other levels in the organization;
  • Or makes notes and makes sure the right person receive them in the appropriate manner.
  1. Information Management
    Manages, archives and guards information from several sources, in accordance with the
    usual secretarial methods, in order for the right information to be available at any time for
    the departments and/or the Management.

    Main activities
  • Makes notes of meetings;
  • Distributes and archives meeting notes;
  • Systematically guards actions derived from correspondence and notes from meetings.
  1. Corresponding
    Independently takes care of and handles the outgoing and incoming correspondence, in
    order for the right information to reach the right person on time.

    Main activities
  • Independently drafts letters, memo’s, faxes and other documents, for which only the outlines are given;
  • Types, edits and corrects drafts using modern software;
  • Gives feedback on possible variations and shortcomings;
  • Takes care of systematical regulation of incoming and outgoing mail.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor Business Administration level or MBO with experience;
  • Management Assistant training.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • A minimum of four years experience as (junior) office manager or management assistant;
  • Very Skilled in the use of MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point).


A.5 Planning and organizing
A.6 Progress tracking
B.3 Networking
D.4 Listening
D.6 Persuasiveness
E.2 stress resistant
E.3 Autonomy