Office Manager G2-20

28 februari 2024 | G2 Business Support


Is responsible for an adequate office support, in accordance with the requests from the
organisation and in agreement with the manager, in order for them to focus more
effectively on their primary tasks.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Planning

Plans internal and external appointments in the calendar, in accordance to the assigned
requests, in order for the meetings, interviews and visits to take place on time and in the
right place.

Main activities

  • Keeps up and supervises the Calendar;
  • Makes reservations for internal and external meeting rooms;
  • Plans meetings with internal and external parties by request;
  • Registers and receives visitors to make sure that they go to the right department or person.
  1. Coordination

Makes certain facilities available to employees, in accordance with the appropriate
guidelines and procedures and in agreement with the manager, in order for the employees
to carry out their work adequately.

Main activities

  • Makes meeting rooms available;
  • Reports faults;
  • Takes care of the stock of kitchen and office supplies;
  • Takes care of the correct reception and attending of guests;
  • Together with the HR assistant takes partially care of the follow up in relation to company cars and the distribution of cell phones as well as taking care of key management;
  • Coordinates miscellaneous employee events.
  1. Administration

Manages and archives information from several sources, in accordance with the received requests, in order for the right information to be available at any time.

Main activities

  • Maintains one or more correspondence archives;
  • Distributes and archives meeting notes;
  • Makes notes of meetings.
  1. Communication As receptionist:

Communicates messages and telephone calls, in accordance with given instructions, in order for the right person to receive the information promptly.

Main activities

  • Receives central incoming calls and decides to which department or person the call should be put through;
  • Puts through telephone calls, and/or making notes of these calls and forwards these to the person directed in the appropriate manner.
  1. Correspondence 

Takes care of and handles the outgoing and incoming correspondence, in order for the right information to reach the right person on time.

Main activities

  • Makes outgoing mail ready to be send and offering them for sending on time;
  • Picks up and distributes internal and external mail;
  • Accepts incoming correspondence, dating them with the date of arrival and distribute to the right person or department;
  • Assists with general mailings;
  • Screens anonymous or irrelevant correspondence.


Job Requirements


  • Vocational Business Administration level or gotten through experience;
  • Complemented by office management training.

Experience, knowledge and skills

No experience required


B.5 Initiative
C.8 Organize own work
D.1 Verbal Communication
D.9 Sociability