Business Support Coordinator G2-40

28 februari 2024 | G2 Business Support


Independently takes care of adequate senior business support, in accordance with the
requests from management, in order for the organisation to focus more effectively on the
primary processes.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Planning
Judges and plans all incoming requests for Projects and Services as well as the set-up of
BID teams for sales (RFP/RFI), so that human capital and other means are made
efficiently available, satisfactory for client, PM and professional.

Main activities

  • Sets up teams and negotiates for the most appropriate planning;
  • Sets up and safeguards the planning process;
  • Takes care of the functional control of the planning application;
  • Provides clear insight in planning and progress;
  • Has the necessary means available;
  • Prioritizes strategic versus on-going commitments;
  • Checks on time delivery of requests.

2. Coordination
Coordinates and supports on purchase, people-planning and procedures, according to
internal processes, in order to be able to provide the customer with the correct staffing on
time and budget.

Main activities

  • Makes sure that all employee details are in the system accurately;
  • Processes new data such as changes and new employees;
  • Administrates and verification of the procedures;
  • Handles the hiring from third party vendors;
  • Determines the urgency and impact;
  • Consults the rest of the company if necessary;
  • Coordinates hired staff from other company subsidiaries;
  • Consults management, Competence- and Account- team leaders.

3. Administration
Manages and archives the necessary information of employees, in accordance with the
received requests, in order to be able to make the correct planning

Main activities

  • Has a skill matrix available;
  • Sets up filing and numbering system;
  • Checks on hiring rates from available contractors;
  • Defines reports.

4. Tenders
Gives support in sales cases on the right skills and availability of people.

5. Communication
Independently sets up a correct reporting system, in agreement with management, to
inform stakeholders efficiently on the planning process.

Main activities

  • Maintains the network of ‘ warm associates’;
  • Keeps in line with the corporate staffing en resource managers;
  • Keeps in line with the CTL’s and ATL’s;
  • Attends meetings of corporate staffing en resource managers;
  • Sends periodical reports to BUM;
  • Informs stakeholders.

6. Information management
Defines trends and makes the planning for the coming months in order for the Team
leaders to determine the utilization of the teams

Main activities

  • Keeps the planning up to date;
  • Defines trends;
  • Signals proactively shortages in resources to the Business Manager;
  • Contributes with creative ideas on maintaining and improving morale;

7. Sales
Proactively signals and generates new company-business in order to obtain extra income and
increase customer satisfaction

Main activities

  • Informs account management on possible extra work;
  • Negotiates with customer for additional work;
  • Produces independently commercially feasible proposals;
  • Takes the lead in (parts of) large and complex sales cases (national and international);
  • Generates leads from own network.

8. Planning & Administration
Ensures timely and correct planning and administration of the project/contract team within
company standards and agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to
ensure a professional delivery.

Main activities

  • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets of the project/contract team;
  • Ensures team delivery within time, within budget and agreed quality;
  • Monitors progress of project/contract team;
  • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.

Job Requirements


  • BSc level
  • Complemented by office management training.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • A minimum of three years experience in a similar position;
  • Skilled in Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point.
  • Excellent knowledge of the skills of technical staff within Tieto
  • Negotiating background

A.8 Conflict handling
B.1 Self-employment
C.2 Judgement forming
C.3 Decisiveness
D.1 Verbal communication
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.4 Listening
D.7 Negotiating
E.3 Autonomy
E.4 Preseverance