Managing Consultant G1-10

28 februari 2024 | G1 Management



Leads, plans and organizes a functional group (SAM, PM, BC etc.) of his own specialism in accordance with business plans and mission, approved by (Business) Unit Manager or Director, in order to secure the continuity of the group.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Department Plan
    Develops and implements the yearly forecast and budget for the group, approved by direct (Business Unit) Manager to ensure business – and HR – objectives.

    Main activities
  • Has expertise of the functionality of the group (SAM, PC, BC etc.);
  • Defines a vision on the functionality and business portfolio;
  • Analyses with direct (Business Unit) Manager market opportunities, possibilities and growth (SWOT);
  • Determines with Account Management (existing and new) customer potential;
  • Defines with direct manager financial performance;
  • Proposes required (human) resources to direct manager;
  • Plans quality improvements;
  • Determines further action plans to meet needs of stakeholders.
  1. Business Management
    Leads the group towards objectives within department plan to ensure forecast (planning
    and hourly budgets) and contented staff and customers.

    Main activities
  • Plans and manages people and resources within budget;
  • Makes (human) resources available;
  • Leverages between customer needs and company possibilities;
  • Influences commercial departments to balance hourly order intake and capacity;
  • Proactively monitors and reviews results of business operations with staff and adjusts deviations;
  • Pro actively signals in case of under capacity or spare capacity.
  1. Customer satisfaction
    Ensures technical and organizational (human) quality exceeding the market standard, to
    ensure optimal customer intimacy and satisfaction.

    Main activities
  • Understands customer needs and wants;
  • Understands the business value of the company solutions for customers;
  • Ensures satisfying implementation of solutions also with more modest means;
  • Stimulates cooperation between customer and company;
  • Utilizes continuous quality improvement philosophies, techniques and tools;
  • Monitors the quality of processes and products.
  1. Employee Satisfaction
    Manages the department staff, according to the HR policies of the company, to ensure the
    staff to cooperate in a motivated and ambitious manner.

    Main activities
  • Consults, coaches and assesses direct reports;
  • Motivates the department by vision and stimulating cooperation and synergy;
  • Shows leadership to the department.
  1. External Communication
    Represents the (technical) discipline on the right level to external stakeholders in order to
    maximize the continuity of the technical discipline.

    Main activities
  • Customers, government agencies;
  • Introduces new customer contacts;
  • Keeps up with existing customer relations;
  • Appears in seminars.


Yearly turnover up to € 1M  (million)
Number of employees up to 10

Job Requirements


  • 5 years managerial knowledge and experience in IT organizations on BSc level;
  • Training for senior management positions.


A.1 Managing
A.2 Team management
A.3 Coaching
A.4 Delegating
A.5 Planning and organizing
A.6 Progress tracking
A.8 Conflict handling
B.1 Self-employment
B.2 Market oriented
B.3 Networking
B.4 Taking risks
B.5 Initiative
C.2 Judgement forming
C.3 Decisiveness
C.6 Social, Political and economical awareness
C.9 Conceptuel thinking
D.1 Verbal communication
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.3 Written communication
D.4 Listening
D.5 Empathy
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.7 Negotiating
E.1 Adaptability
E.2 Stress resistant
E.5 Flexibility