Director/CxO G1-30

28 februari 2024 | G1 Management



Leads and organizes the company, in accordance with independently developed vision
and strategy, in order to secure the continuity of the company.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Vision and Strategy
    Develops and executes strategic plans, with a convincing vision, to ensure the stable future growth and existence of the company.

    Main activities
  • Develops and monitors primary goals and strategies;
  • Reaches consensus within MT;
  1. Business Plan
    Develops (yearly) business plan,for own functionality
    to ensure future business of the company.

    Main activities
  • Develops a vision on part-market and business portfolio;
  • Analyses and assesses market opportunities and possibilities and growth (SWOT);
  • Verifies (existing and new) customer potential;
  • Examines financial performance;
  • Examines required (human) resources;
  • Checks on quality improvements;
  • Organizes further action plans to meet needs of stakeholders.
  1. Business Management
    Leads the company towards objectives within business plan to ensure profitable (yearly)
    business and contended staff and customers.

    Main activities
  • Leads the leverage process between customer needs and company possibilities;
  • Sets up the marketing of new solutions and products effectively;
  • Develops and monitors primary goals;
  • Proactively monitors and reviews results of business operations MT and adjusts deviations;
  • Manages the quality exceeding the market standard;
  • Initiates actions on environmental awareness.
  1. Customer satisfaction
    Manages the optimal delivery of the company portfolio as defined in the business plan to ensure optimal customer intimacy and satisfaction.

    Main activities
  • Understands customer needs and wants;
  • Understands the business value of the company solutions for customers;
  • Leverages between satisfying implementations and modest means;
  • Stimulates cooperation between (large) customers and the company.
  1. Employee Satisfaction
    Manages the unit directly and the subsidiary staff indirectly, according to the HR policies 
    of the company, to ensure the staff to cooperate in a motivated and ambitious manner.

    Main activities
  • Motivates the subsidiary by radiating vision and stimulating cooperation and synergy;
  • Identifies and develops an overall leadership structure;
  • Develops, in conjunction with human resources effective human resources people management plans and strategies;
  • Establishes organizational structure of the subsidiary and assigns authority.
  1. External Communication
    Acts as a spokesperson on executive level to the customers 
    and the employees, inspiring customers and employees
    towards the future vision and direction of the company.

    Main activities
  • Introduces large customer contacts;
  • Keeps up with existing customer relations of  large customers;
  • Appears on seminars as speaker on strategic business issues.


See General Manager

Job Requirements


  • Seasoned managerial knowledge and experience in IT organizations on academic level.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • 5 years experience as BUM in IT;
  • Training for senior management positions.


A.7 Strategic thinking
C.4 Vision
C.5 Organizing own work
D.8 Impact
E.3 Autonomy
E.4 Perseverance