Product Owner D4-20

28 februari 2024 | D4 Product Management


The Product Owner main responsibility is to organise, prioritise and assess work for the scrum team.

Product Owner responsibilities include gathering feature requests, scheduling releases and coordinating sprints. Goal is to deliver increments to the product (and new product modules) with proven customer added value and according to quality and delivery guidelines aligned with customers and partners. 

Position in organisation

Reports to

Reports to the Portfolio manager or Operational Director 

Result areas
 1Product requirements and backlog  Incorporating feature requests into backlog and product roadmapDeveloping user stories, defining business value and acceptance criteriaGrooming and prioritising backlog including getting estimates from the teamAlign product backlog with stakeholders and partnersAlign product backlog with end users and/or customer representation Define quality standards in usability and design (or deliver it yourself)
 2Sprint and release planningSet sprint goals and host sprint planning sessionsOrganise all deliverables per release, most notably release notesPlan releases and upgradesOwnership in customer value of the deliverablesStimulate the agile way of working (together with the scrum master)
 3Facilitate processesBe the central point of communication around the product capabilities for S&M, PS and CS. Facilitate CS and hot fix process (provide work-arounds, help in understanding)Management of RFCs, streamline work-aroundsGive internal demo’s to stakeholders
 4 ImplementationInvolvement in review of implementations or “issue lists”Help defining standard implementations from a customer perspective (“what”)
 5SIG procesHelp defining the SIG business case Ownership in SIG initiatives as product champion
Competency profile
Compentency Competency Description
Working Together/Team orientationWillingness and capacity to collaborate with others on a common goal.
LeadershipGives direction and guidance to others in order to achieve intended goals/results.
Problem Solving CapacityRecognises important information, makes connections between data, thinks up alternative solutions and indicates consequences.
Quality AwarenessAchieves constant quality, detects problems, and makes adjustments within permitted norms. Anticipates problems, recognises hidden defects.
DecisivenessAbility to make decisions by taking action or to commit himself by expressing opinions.
Expertise knowledgeAbility to give significance to information in a particular work situation, development and deepening of knowledge in sepcial field on interest and interpretation of consequences for his own organisation.
Education,Skills and Knowledge
  • Education level: Bachelor/Master in Computer Science or Media Science
  • At least 5 years of field experience.
  • Strong knowledge on Bright Answers products
  • >6 years experience in programming or product design
  • Interest in Portals, websites and apps, Usability and Design
  • Proven capability of leadership and ownership
  • To be able to work independent
  • Quality Minded
  • Open, creative and dynamic personality
  • Fluently in English, verbal and in writing, understands Dutch, verbal