Sr Technical Writer D3-31

28 februari 2024 | D3 Technical Writing


The Technical Writer is responsible for writing and maintaining documentation for the company’s software products according to set procedures and planning in order to realize reliable deliverables that meet the company quality standards

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Technical Writer actively contributes to the creation of the specification documentation as well as to the release documentation suitable for use by the end-users of the Company’s products.

1. Create and maintain  user documentation

Main activities

  • New functionality overview
  • Release notes
  • Program labels
  • User on-line help
  • Getting Started Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Administrator Guides

2. Arrange translations
Writes the application text in English and arranges the translation of English into supported language. Co-ordinates the external translation and takes care of integration of the translations into the application.

3. Support the development of related company material
Support other company documentation like training material for the company academy and marketing material.

4. Keep knowledge and skills up-to-date / Share knowledge
Pro-actively gets and keeps knowledge and skills up-to-date, within the boundaries of the company competence model and the assigned budget in time and money, in order to be able to perform an excellent job.


Job Requirements


BSc level and work experience level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Strong English language skills
  • Good verbal and written communicating skills


Working Together/Team orientationWillingness and capacity to collaborate with others on a common goal.
CommunicationAbility to communicate effectively, taking into account the comprehension levels of parties to whom to communication is addressed.
Quality AwarenessAchieves constant quality, detects problems, and makes adjustments within permitted norms. Anticipates problems, recognizes hidden defects.
AccuracyAbility to work accurately and meticulously, with an eye for detail, aimed at avoiding (carless) errors.
Customer OrientationAbility to gear his own efforts towards needs and wishes of both internal and external customers.