Software Engineer D1-20

28 februari 2024 | D1 Software Development


Investigates, analyses, designs and develops large and complex (new and existing)
software solutions, within the agreed guidelines and time, so that the solution is in
accordance with the specifications.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Refinement and technical analysis
Collects, analyses and specifies (technical) requirements, that can be agreed upon with the product owner. Participate in the refinement and estimation of user stories from the technical viewpoint.

Main activities

  • Assist in grooming, defining the technical requirements and and optional alternative solutions;
  • Assist in estimation on the technical development and implementation;
  • Give input to technical requirements and specifications and add these to users story description and acceptance criteria.

2. Architecture
Produces an architectural model, from all enterprise-architectural viewpoints and within the
given project boundaries, to enable the software team to produce a reliable and robust

Main activities

  • Assists in designing software architecture;
  • Identify reusable components and develop on the continuous integration solution.

3. Research
Keep up to date knowledge on related tools and methodologies.

Main activities

  • Investigates new tools and methodologies;
  • Suggest improvements on software solution architecture, tools and methodologies;
  • Help building proof of concepts.

4. Development

Guards development and documentation of complex software solutions, based on functional and technical design, within the agreed specifications, budget and time.

Main activities

  • Develops software modules and/or solutions;
  • Develops the software in the scrum team;
  • Work according to software development guidelines;
  • Assist in developing and implement the build and release scripts / continues integration solution;
  • Assist in software builds and releases.

5. Testing

Ensures software quality, according to the functional and technical design, to deliver a
reliable software solution.

Main activities

  • Tests own software according to technical test guidelines;
  • Provide testable solutions and information to the testers.

6. Support

Support in quality of software delivery and participate in maintenance of the software solution.

Main activities

  • Analyse and fix bugs (maintenance) in the software solution;
  • Organise and execute hot fix process (or provide work-arounds, help in understanding) with the Lead developer;
  • With the product owner, provide input to analysing support tickets, identify RFCs, streamline work-arounds.

7. Sales

Proactively signals and generates new company-business in order to obtain extra income and
increase customer satisfaction.

Main activities

  • Informs scrum master and R&D manager on possible extra work or insights;
  • Assists in presales cases;
  • Generates ideas for new company-business coming from research.

8. Quality of work

Ensures timely and correct planning and administration of the project/contract team within
company standards and agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to
ensure a professional delivery.

Main activities

  • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets;
  • Monitors progress of own tasks;
  • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.

9. Competence and knowledge development

Supporting junior Software Engineers with their daily work, to help them fulfill their tasks.

Main activities

  • Knowledge transfer;
  • Ensures knowledge is embedded;
  • Assists others with complex activities.
Job Requirements


  • (level of) BSc degree in Software or Architecture

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • More than 2 years experience as software engineer in IT development projects


A.6 Progress tracking
B.5 Initiative
C.2 Judgment forming
C.8 Organizing own work
D.1 Verbal communication
D.3 Written communication