CIO D1-60

28 februari 2024 | D1 Software Development


Develops ICT vision and strategy and gives the correct strategic, tactical and
operational IT advise po-actively, within the company and to the customer, in such a way that the
technical course of the company is guaranteed for the short and long term is guaranteed also
to the satisfaction of the management team

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Vision
Develops and formulates a vision on the product-market areas in which the company is or should
be active to which management can base her strategy/policy.

Main activities

  • Gathers and analyses relevant IT developments;
  • Formulates and initiates concrete policy proposals;
  • Keeps informed of the important IT activities of the company;
  • Takes initiatives for trendsetting.

2. Consulting
Gives technical advice of a strategic, tactical and/or operational nature internally as well
as externally, bases on the estimation of the underlying IT technology, in such a way that
the decisions which have to be taken are supported optimally.

3. Analysis
Analyses planned activities, from an IT technical view, in order to determine the risks and

Main activities

  • Analyses the activities which need to be set up and acquired;
  • Analyses complex high risks tenders which need to be brought out;
  • Analyses activities which need to be dropped.

4. Market development
Promotes the effective external relations, in order for the comany to be positioned and
knowledge of the market needs is collected.

Main activities

  • Builds and maintains own network;
  • Signals opportunities and threats in the market;
  • Evaluates the added value of the company;
  • Presents, publishes and instructs;
  • Communicates relevant information to consultants.

5. Product development
Develops new product-market-combinations and defines the (financial) boundaries, in
such a way that future market needs can be met.

Main activities

  • Develops services;
  • Develops Methods and techniques;
  • Evaluates products and services which need to be delivered;
  • Leads these activities.

6. Knowledge transfer
Supports the professional development of all technical employees, in such a way that the
present and future qualitative service level is guaranteed.

Main activities

  • Transfers knowledge and skills;
  • Assists with complex tasks.

7. Management
Has overall responsibility for facilitating the major technical decisions for the company.


Yearly turnover < 5M €
Number of employees < 30
Number of companies/business units: > 1

Job requirements


  • Has seasoned technical knowledge and experience in IT organizations on academic level.


  • Has more than 5 years relevant experience in transferring IT knowledge on policy level in a professional way.
  • Is innovative with regards to the commercialising of new technical possibilities.

A.2 Team management
A.3 Coaching
A.7 Strategical thinking
B.2 Market orientated
C.6 Social, political and economic awareness
D.5 Empathy
E.4 Perseverance