UX Consultant C6-20

28 februari 2024 | C6 User Experience


Designing assigned pieces of UX projects or lead design for moderately complex projects,
driven by a business oriented UX-vision for innovative digitalizing of our customer’s sales
and service processes

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Customer satisfaction
Ensures optimal delivery of the UX as defined in the project plan to ensure optimal
customer intimacy and satisfaction

Main activities

  • Understanding customer wants,
  • Creating UX vision on areas for client
  • Understanding the business value of the company solutions for customers,
  • Stimulating cooperation between customer and the company,
  • Anticipating on new business requests;

2. Design
Drives service concepts from conceptualization through prototyping to implementation.

Main activities

  • Conceptualizes customer’s self-services
  • Formulates efficient time plan and accessible guidelines for projects
  • Translates complex information to user friendly proposal
  • Designs both high level flows and detailed interaction specs
  • Assists in user testing
  • Helps interpreting the results

3. The UX Consultant can be active in several technical areas:

A. Interaction Design
Realization of interactive designs that meet the qualitative demands of the customer

Main activities

  • Advises on contents and approach of interaction design
  • Formulates and controls the basic principles of the design projects
  • Design UI and builds blue print

B. Graphical Design
Translates from blueprint the Brand Assets of client to a graphical Design on screen.

C. Web Design
Translates the graphical design into a web design (end-product), guarding the visual
identity of client

Main activities

  • Maintain visual quality of the applications
  • Translate brand values of clients into functional company solutions
  • Advocate of visual quality and brand awareness

D. Interface Design
Analyses and implements

Main activities

  • Analyses the web/user interface designs
  • Implements concepts into the user interface
  • Consults on the possibilities in modern user interface technologies

E. Consultancy
Leads consulting assignments on digital business solutions

Main activities

  • Advises customers on operational level on UX related issues.
  • Guards and monitors the concept
  • Gives presentations to management level of large companies

4. Administration and Additional work
Maintaining (project) administration and planning, within the rules of the company accounting,
in order to keep profitable business

Main activities

  • Decides when smaller services are ready for implementation
  • Reports to Principal or senior
  • Executes activities within budget
  • Recording all financial data
  • Pro actively identify extra work
  • Proactive check on overdraw on own work

Job Requirements


  • BSc in Design and/or HCI

Experience, knowledge and skills:

  • Strong skills in user interface and page design
  • 3 years background in IT

A.6 Progress tracking
B.3 Networking
C.8 Organizing own work
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.3 Written communication
D.4 Listening