Senior Training Consultant C4-30

28 februari 2024 | C4 Academy


Prepares, gives and develops (ICT) training courses under supervision of manager, according to schedule or made-to-measure for customers in order to achieve optimal knowledge transfer.

 Tasks and Responsibilities

1.   Teaching

Independently giving general ICT or application software course(s) to clients and company professionals within industry best practice, to achieve optimal knowledge transfer.

2.   Preparation
Preparing ICT training, according to requirements specified by the customer or in house, in order to give aforementioned training at a high quality.

3.   Product Development

The development of assigned training products, within defined (financial) frameworks, such that future market needs can be met.

Main activities

  •  Evaluation of training, teaching methods and products.
  • Develops, adapts and improves training.
  • Develops, adapts and improves teaching methods.
  • Describe and maintain the company Education offerings
  • Describe and maintain presentation material about the department and its processes, ready for use in customer presentations

5.   Knowledge

Stay informed of the technical and organizational aspects of the domain, within a training plan and within ​​arrangements with the manager

Main activities

  • Follows future business trends and needs;
  • Assists juniors with complex activities.

6.  Consultancy

Giving independently ICT training advice to clients and professionals of the organization within their domain, to their satisfaction.

Main activities

  • Advising sales on technical substantive matters related to training in the discipline.
  • Advising in relation to the compilation of training programs.

7.   Planning & Administration
Ensures timely and correct planning and administration, within the company standards and
agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to ensure a professional

Main activities

  • Plan the training delivery
  • Ensure timely invoicing of delivered training
    • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets;
    • Monitors progress of own tasks;
    • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.


  • X% of hours are productive or payable (to be defined in the yearly job plan)

Job Requirements


  • BSc level, Pabo

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Didactic qualified
  • More than 3 years teaching experience


A.5 Planning and organizing
B.3 Networking
C.1 Problem analyses
C.8 Organizing own work
D.3 Written communication
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.7 Negotiating
E.2 Stress resistant