Assistant Training Consultant C4-10

28 februari 2024 | C4 Academy


You will be involved in all elements of our learning solution, including but not limited to creating eLearning materials for customers who are implementing the company software solution, develop course materials for classroom training and support our sessions in the WebEx Virtual Training Center.

The junior Learning Consultant has access to state-of-the art tools such Cornerstone OnDemand, WebEx Virtual Training Center, Lectora, Articulate Presenter and Captivate.

Position in organisation

Reports to
Reports to Manager Learning Services
The Academy team consists of 5 employees in total.

Direct Reports

Goal of the Position

To be involved in all elements of our learning solution, to support our Academy team in all necessary fields and to become a senior learning consultant.

Result areas
  1. Create custom learning activities and materials
    By means of E-Learning, virtual classroom and face-to-face, for specific clients‚ based on a given concept and within the boundaries and conditions of the project
  2. Develop instructions for learning activities
    Using standard templates, write facilitator guides‚ participant guides and learning event design documents.
  3. Implement online learning activities in the WebEx Virtual Training Center
    Challenge suggested learning solutions
    Where appropriate in a constructive manner (principles of instructional; design and interactivity) within the project boundaries and conditions.
  4. Manage the Academy back office
Competency profile
company competenciesCompetency levelCompetency Description
Team Spirit4 
Role-based Academy competenciesCompetency levelCompetency Description
Analyzing training demand3Deliver input for a Training Need Analysis performed by a medior or senior learning consultant: course topics based upon the customer’s business documentation and company functional blueprints
Developing courses4Contribute to the tasks of the medior/senior learning consultant: create a learning design, develop course content (either eLearning or instructor-led), review the course deliverable with the customer, process review comments and document project deliverables
Interaction design4Using interaction design principles for: innovative ideas about interaction, new didactical principles/instructional design, enabling tools and training of team
Leading the project3Act as a responsible team member: understand principles of working in a team, deliver assigned tasks on time within budget, notify project leader on time in case of delays
Engaging with customer3Support medior/senior learning consultant in building the relation with the customer during the project. Keep the balance between creating a happy customer (meeting the expectations) and the boundaries of the project
Managing the Academy back office4Responsible for managing the company Learning Center, all registrations for customer training and arranging correct registration in AFAS via Planning & Travel