Program Manager C3-40

28 februari 2024 | C3 Project Management


Defines and manages several large and high risk projects (national and international) with
very complex and/or unstable financial and business requirements or unproven
technology, hard to define or to predict, in order to deliver a solution within predefined
quality, time and budget.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Customer satisfaction
Ensures optimal delivery of solutions as defined in project plans under his/her supervision
to obtain optimal customer satisfaction and intimacy.

Main activities

  • Understands customer needs for all customers;
  • Understands the business value of the company solutions for customers;
  • Encourages cooperation between customers and the company.

2. Project plan
Defines project specifications and planning, agreed with the stakeholders, resulting in a
manageable project plan.

Main activities

  • Validates and accepts the assignment;
  • Defines project resources;
  • Defines sub tasks for subcontractors.

3. Project Coordination
Actively coordinates all required resources in the projects, within the scope of the project
plans, in order to deliver a solution within predefined quality, time and budget.

Main activities

  • Defines and distributes project documents;
  • Proactively communicates to all parties involved;
  • Maintains the agreements with customers;
  • Monitors projects in relation with project plans;
  • Manages risks;
  • Leads the project team;

4. Sales
Proactively signals and generates new company-business in order to obtain extra income and
increase customer satisfaction

Main activities

  • Informs account management on possible extra work;
  • Negotiates with customer for additional work;
  • Produces independently commercially feasible proposals;
  • Takes the lead in (parts of) large and complex sales cases (national and international);
  • Generates leads from own network.

5. Planning & Administration
Ensures timely and correct planning and administration of the project and the team within
the company standards and agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to
ensure a professional delivery.

Main activities

  • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets of the project team;
  • Ensures team and project delivery within time, within budget and agreed quality;
  • Records all financial data;
  • Prepares project invoices and accounts;
  • Monitors progress of team;
  • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.

6. Trendwatching
Analyses trends and market information in order to ensure update project management
knowledge within the company.

Main activities

  • Defines a vision on project management;
  • Takes initiative for trendsetting;
  • Leads opinion within the company.

7. Competence and knowledge development
Develops and coaches (Sr.) project managers in order to assist them in their growth.

Main activities

  • Coaches (Sr.)project managers;
  • Contributes with creative ideas on maintaining and improving team morale
  • Develops Training Plan;
  • Initiates activities to build up knowledge in the project management group;
  • Ensures knowledge is embedded;
  • Assists others with complex activities;
  • Prioritizing strategic versus on-going commitments.


Budget per project or several projects over € 1 million
The project team is up to 15 active project members.

Job Requirements


  • BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • More than 10 years project management experience in IT projects
  • Level IPMA-C and certification such as Prince 2 Practitioner

A.3 Coaching
B.3 Networking
C.1 Problem analyses
C.4 Vision
C.5 Organization sensitivity
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.8 Impact
E.3 Autonomy