Sr Business Consultant C1-30

28 februari 2024 | C1 Business Consultancy


Leads business design and business implementation and core consulting assignments,
driven by an excellent understanding of business processes on management level in
defined consultancy areas, to allow the customers to improve their business.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Customer satisfaction
    Ensures optimal delivery of tactical solutions to obtain optimal customer satisfaction and

    Main activities
  • Understands customer needs;
  • Understands the business value of the solutions for customers;
  • Encourages cooperation between customers and the company;
  • Anticipates on new business.
  1. Strategy
    Follows future business trends and needs and translates these trends to suggestions for
    new ideas.

    Main activities
  • Signals SWOT in the markets;
  • Assists in generating new ideas and concepts in product-portfolio to customer;
  • Delivers publications on BC subjects;
  • Appears in seminars.
  1. Consultancy and support
    Initiates and leads core consulting assignments and Business Process
    Design/implementation assignments, based on future business trends and needs on a
    tactical level, to enable customers to maintain the leading position in the market.

    Main activities
  • Advises customers on management level on tactical core business related issues;
  • Analyses and translates Business concepts to clear IT concepts;
  • Advises customers on business cases, business requirements and business design;
  • Describes Business Processes;
  • Suggests improvements;
  • Leads implementations of Business Software.
  1. Sales
    Proactively signals and generates new business in order to obtain extra income and
    increase customer satisfaction.

    Main activities
  • Informs account management on possible extra work;
  • Negotiates with customer for additional work;
  • Produces independently commercially feasible proposals;
  • Takes the lead in (parts of) large and complex sales cases (national and international);
  • Generates leads from own network.
  1. Planning & Administration
    Ensures timely and correct planning and administration of the project/contract team within
    company standards and agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to
    ensure a professional delivery.

    Main activities
  • Ensures timely and correct administration of time sheets of the project/contract team;
  • Ensures team delivery within time, within budget and agreed quality;
  • Monitors progress of project/contract team;
  • Communicates on forehand about possible delays or overrun.
  1. Transfer of knowledge
    Takes initiative in the development of qualities of (jr) business consultants.

    Main activities
  • Assists others with complex activities;
  • Prioritizes strategic versus on-going commitments;
  • Mentors other team members.


  • The project team is over 5 active consultants;
  • 85% of hours are productive or payable (to be defined in the yearly job plan);
  • Independently scores order-intake up to € 250k yearly.

Job Requirements


  • MSc level.

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Has more than 5 years of BC experience in several common business consulting areas (e.g.
  • CRM, BPM, change management, customer interaction management (either manned channels or human assistant channels for online customer interaction), PM etc.);
  • Is experienced in Program Management.


A.4 Delegating
A.7 Strategical thinking
B.1 Self employment
C.2 Judgment forming
C.3 Decisiveness
C.4 Vision
D.4 Listening
D.8 Impact