Operations Consultant A5-10

28 februari 2024 | A5 Operations Consultancy



The Sales Operations Consultant (SOC) will ensure improvement of availability and accessibility of commercial information required for the sales process, improve the texts and grammar of all sales documents, professionalize and (assist to) coordinate sales processes and provide useful scheduled sales management reporting.

Position in organisation

Reports to

Reports to the Business Analyst Manager

Direct Reports


Goal of the Position

To support the sales team by managing optimizing the RFx process, improving information accessibility and availability and providing management information.

Result areas
 1High quality sales portal, Structure and improve all documents and ppt’s on sales portal, Create database of all produced RFx from 1-1-2011 and maintain, Create content database of relevant commercial texts, Create database of all lost deal analyses and maintain 
 2Providing management info from various systems, Manage competition data, Manage reference data 
 3Scheduled reposrting: SFDC forecasting , SFDC dashboards, Miller Heinman reporting, Scorecard competitors lost/won against whom, Lost deal analysis, Disqualified RFx
 4Sales Proces and Sales Operations: RFx process: receiving and reviewing/authorization, Qualifying/disqualifying register, Verifying lost deals analysis, Verifying SFDC close date accuracy
 5Management Support: All required sales operations processes will be designed and documented by SVP Sales EMEA. Current processes in scope are:RFx qualification processRFx production and authorization processPricing authorization processLegal processReporting processSFDC playing rules (implemented) EMEA-ROW sales management will authorize all English sales document creations and improvements and standard text blocks and ppt’s. German and French language documents, texts and ppt’s will remain responsibility of the regional sales leaders but will be incorporated in sales portal. 
 6Keep administration up-to-datePerform administrative tasks on-time and keep BWise information systems up to date, make sure that information given is precise and complete, according to the BWise regulations, Make your own planning and take preparation time into account. Improve existing sales templates and create new ones 
Competency profile
CompentencyCompetency Description
InitiativeStrongly oriented towards conducting business, towards initiating action of his/her own accord and not waiting (for others) any longer than is necessary.
Expertise/knowledgeAbility to give significance to information in a particular work situation; development and deepening of knowledge in special field of interest and interpretation of consequences for his/her own organisation.
Communication (verbal skills)Ability to communicate effectively, taking into account the comprehension levels of parties to whom the communication is addressed
Problem-solving capacityRecognises important information, makes connections between data, thinks up alternative solutions and indicates consequences.
Education,Skills and Knowledge
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Economics;
  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in a similar position;
  • Experience in working in GRC market is a plus;
  • Experience with Salesforce.com and Sharepoint is a plus;
  • Persistent/stress resistant and able to improve him or herself by analyzing results;
  • Entrepeneurial and commercial, you like to be member of a winning team;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Fluent in English, preferably also fluent in German, Spanish and/or French;
  • Affinity with customer behavior, preferences and decision-making processes;
  • Ability to structure complex information and analytical thinking abilities;
  • Ability to travel in the future.