Sr Solutions Consultant A4-30

28 februari 2024 | A4 Pre-Sales Consultancy


Independently responsible for pre-sales support on board level. Activities such as presentations, demonstrations, PoC’s and providing answers to requests from customers on C level. The Senior Solutions Consultant understands the client’s (Branch) requirements and is able to discuss them at a senior level.

Tasks and Responsibilities
1.Understand and communicate company’s products and services including best practice approaches to clients and demonstrate on board room level how this may help the customer

Main activities

  • Understand business issues and drivers in the industry on a high level. Is able to draft and present an implementation plan for the company’s solution(s), which solves the business issues of the prospect.
  • Communicate the implementation plan with all parties involved.
  • Collect customer requirements and translate them into a presentation and demonstration of the company’s solution(s).

2. Knowledge

Main activities

  • Pro-actively get and keep knowledge and skills up-to-date, within the boundaries of the company’s competence model.
  • Keep competition and Branch knowledge up-to-date, learn from it and communicates about this throughout the organization.

3. Account Management

Main activities

  • maintains and positively develops existing account relationships

 4. Planning & Administration
Ensures timely and correct planning and administration, within the company standards and
agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to ensure a professional
Main activities

  • Ensures timely and correct administration;
  • Ensures delivery within time, within budget and agreed quality;
  • Make your own planning and take preparation time into account;
  • Monitors progress of own tasks.

5. Transfer of knowledge
Takes initiative in the development of qualities of  colleagues.
Main activities

  • Follows future business trends and needs;
  • Assists juniors with complex activities
  • Presents, teaches and coordinates knowledge transfer.


Job Requirements


Master degree required

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • >7 years experience in pre-sales and technical support
  • Recognized expert, Branche experience and knowledge
  • High level of responsiveness to prospect and customer inquiries.
  • Boardroom level communication and demonstration capabilities