Assistant Commercial Executive A1-11

28 februari 2024 | A1 Outside Sales


Drives direct new business sales, towards selected medium seized customers  to meet turnover/profit goals.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Customer Network
Develops a relationship with selected customers, by securing the company approach and
coordinating all company major activities towards the selected customer(s), in order to achieve
an increase of the net-sales as a result of an increase of customer satisfaction.

Main activities

  • At operational level in medium sized companies;
  • Defines DMU correctly;
  • Knows the needs and preferences of customers;
  • Secures a One company approach to the customer(s);
  • Gives convincing presentations;
  • Promotes cooperation between customers and the company.

2. Market Information
Assembles all relevant market with the Commercial manager assembles for part of one
service portfolio, in order to understand the market possibilities.

Main activities

  • Understands Opportunities and Threats;
  • Understands needs and wants of customer.

3. Account Plan
Drafts and implements a yearly Account Plan mainly for sales of consulting hours, with the
commercial manager in order to lay the foundations for the yearly target budget.

Main activities

  • Defines budget;
  • Defines action plans.

4. Tenders
Produces tenders, mainly for consulting hours, correct, feasible and profitable, that will be
seen by customer as professional and competitive.

Main activities

  • Acquires prospects and new customers;
  • Coordinates internal activities;
  • Registers the data on prospects and tenders in the (CRM-) system;
  • Checks quality and punctuality.

5. Orderintake
Converts, leads and tenders to profitable orders and delegating the order to ensure
correct implementation.

Main activities

  • Meets turnover/profit goals;
  • Convinces customer;
  • Defends terms and conditions.

6. Knowledge
Pro actively learns and trains on offerings, markets and their combinations.


Yearly Turnover up to € 0.4 million

Job Requirements


  • BSc level

Experience, knowledge and skills

  • 1-2 years experience in the sales process and offerings

B.2 Market orientated
B.3 Networking
C.8 Organizing own work
D.1 Verbal communication
E.1 Adaptability
E.4 Perseverance
E.5 Flexibility