HR Assistant G4-10

Laatst bijgewerkt: woensdag 12 mei 2021



Carries out activities in the area of personnel administration, registration and information
and salary administration, according to the requirements of the internal procedures, in
order for the employees and management to be assured of the precise and correct
information (handling).

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Personnel administration
    Takes care of the personnel administration, through the personnel information system, in
    order to attain personnel information which is reliable and on time.

    Main activities
  1. Salary administration
    Takes care of the salary administration through the salary system taking into account the
    internal and external procedures and legislation (fiscal and social legislation) in order to
    attain reliable salary information.

    Main activities
  1. Helpdesk HR
    Informs employees in reaction to the questions and/or request directed at HR.

    Main activities


Job Requirements


Experience, knowledge and skills



A.6 Progress tracking
C.8 Organizing own work
C.10 Eye for detail
D.1 Verbal communication
D.4 Listening
D.5 Empathy
D.9 Sociability