(Business) Unit Manager G1-20

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Leads and organizes a major Business Unit or department (‘unit’), in accordance with
strategy and mission, approved by (Managing) Director, in order to secure the continuity of the unit.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Business Plan
    Develops and executes the (yearly or new) business plan, within strategy and mission,  
    to ensure future business of the unit.        

    Main activities
  1. Business Management
    Leads the unit towards objectives within business plan to ensure profitable business and contend staff and customers.

    Main activities
  1. Customer satisfaction
    Ensures optimal delivery of the company portfolio as defined in the business plan to ensure
    optimal customer intimacy and satisfaction.

    Main activities
  1. Employee Satisfaction
    Manages the unit staff, according to the HR policies of the company, to ensure the staff to
    cooperate in a motivated and ambitious manner.

    Main activities
  1. External Communication
    Represents the organization on the right level to external stakeholders in order to maximize the continuity of the unit.

    Main activities


Yearly turnover up to € 2M  (million)
Number of employees up to 515

Job Requirements




A.7 Strategic thinking
C.4 Vision
C.5 Organizing own work
D.8 Impact
E.3 Autonomy
E.4 Perseverance