Sr Software Engineer D1-30

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Independently analyses, designs and develops large and complex (new and existing)
software solutions, within the agreed guidelines and time, so that the solution is in
accordance with the specifications.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Analysing
    Collects, analyses and specifies requirements, that can be agreed upon by customer.

    Main activities
  1. Architecture
    Designs, prototypes and documents software, in line with the design guidelines, which
    forms the basis for implementing solutions.

    Main activities
  1. Development
    Develops and documents complex software solutions, based on functional and technical
    design, within the agreed specifications, budget and time.

    Main activities
  1. Testing
    Ensures software quality, according to the functional and technical design, to deliver a
    reliable software solution.

    Main activities
  1. Development Guidelines
    Assists in drafting and maintaining guidelines for software development, under supervision
    of the lead software consultant, to enhance uniformity in development.

    Main activities
  1. Sales
    Proactively signals and generates new company-business in order to obtain extra income and
    increase customer satisfaction.

    Main activities
  1. Planning & Administration
    Ensures timely and correct planning and administration of the project/contract team within
    company standards and agreements and in accordance with customer-administrations, to
    ensure a professional delivery.

    Main activities
  1. Competence and knowledge development
    Develops and coaches Software Engineers in order to assist them in their growth.

    Main activities


Leads Software development team (up to 5 people).

Job Requirements


Experience, knowledge and skills



A.4 Delegating
A.5 Planning and organizing
C.3 Decisiveness
C.5 Organization sensitivity
C.7 Creativity
C.9 Conceptual thinking
D.2 Verbal presentation
D.6 Persuasiveness
D.9 Sociability
E.3 Independence
E.5 Flexibility